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How to Create Content that Your Employees Will Want to Share

You have considered the value of getting your employees engaged online and you realize that half of your employees have likely mentioned your company, policies, products or employees in some form of post, unsolicited. Now, you are looking for a way to encourage that sharing, because you want to reach a bigger audience and you realize each of your employees opens a door to hundreds of people who follow them or have friended them. But, you also understand that you can’t force employees to post and that the wrong environment will create forced and inauthentic results. So, how do you get employees on board and posting voluntarily?


Content that Focuses on Your Employees

Start by considering your employees a part of your target audience. Your content needs to be written for them just as much as it is for your other target audiences. In fact, if you want your employees to post content so their followers will see it, then they are a central part of your audience. This doesn’t mean necessarily posting employee-centric content – or content that wouldn’t matter to anyone not an employee – it just means your content needs to appeal to your employees in a personal way so they will be moved to share it with those friends and family members they care about.

Clean Up Your Policies

Now, before you start writing this content, it is important you get your policies straightened out. If your company is not worth supporting, then you will not be able to get brand advocates. Make your workplace the kind of workplace your employees want to back. Get involved in community events, host employee events, offer great benefits and provide a living wage – these are just a few important things.

Millennials are looking at the workplace in a whole new way and they are likely to be your biggest social media bugs. So, think hard about your own influence before you ask them to post. You will find employee engagement is much easier if they want to back their company. Oh, and don't forget to make the posting and sharing process easy!

Smart Content

Write content that makes your employees look smart and professional. Content that helps them show they are experts in their fields is the kind of content that provides value to your employees. They want to prove they are successful professionals for their own career tracks, but this helps your company as well; the more experts you have under your wings, the better your company must be.

Examples of smart content will include tutorials, tips, explanations and other tidbits of industry knowledge that will appeal to your target audience. Consider asking your employees to write their own posts on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and then have your writer check for errors before posting. Having your employees contribute to your content will increase their engagement – just make sure you reimburse them for their time so they feel really good about the whole process.

Uplifting Content

Are you doing enough feel-good things? If you do increase your uplifiting acts as a company, share it with your employees. Provide content that combats the negative news and content that is posted every day. Most social media users are tired of the bad news and look for opportunities to share neat stories like the Christmas Miracle WestJet arranged. If you worked there, would you share that story? It had most internet junkies in tears as it went viral on social media with over 41 million views.


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