We know that you believe in your company and its ability to serve your customers better than anyone else out there. But here’s an important question: Do your employees feel the same way?

If you’re lucky enough to have workers who are just as excited as you are about the ways your business is growing and changing, you just might be underusing them when it comes to putting the good word out there. Partnering with your entire team to market through social media can be a powerful strategy that gives your brand a well-rounded approach that’s unattainable any other way. But how can you entice your employees to use their social media influence to the company’s benefit?

The truth is that employee advocacy can be just as beneficial for your team as it is for your business. Getting your employees to engage with your brand in new and creative ways is a great way to strengthen the relationship between your employees and the company, furthering both the company and the employees’ sense of involvement.

Need even more reasons to implement an employee advocacy strategy? Here are three ways that doing so will benefit everyone involved:

  1. Advocacy Creates Leaders

Perhaps for the first time since they started working for your company, your workers will truly feel as though they play a key role in a strategic business endeavor. This feeling of importance is the first step towards empowering your workers to excel within a core initiative that involves creativity and teamwork. Naturally, the employees who thrive in this collaborative environment will emerge as leaders, paving the way for new innovative ideas as they spearhead this initiative.

  1. It Generates Positive Representation

Introducing your team to your company’s social media strategy fuses the personal and professional lives of your employees, making them apt to advocate for your brand both online and in person. When employees are able to post, tweet, and blog about the company using their own social media handles, they develop a new, positive outlook towards their employer. Simply by posting as they normally would during off hours, their activities become an essential, collaborative part of their daily job responsibilities. This makes them much more likely to talk positively about your brand in everyday conversation, furthering their optimistic influence.

  1. It Stirs Up Competition

Social media strategies have easily measured results. On the surface, you can see how many likes, shares, and comments each post has received.  This is a great jumping off point to get your employees to vie for the top spots and surpass one another with more online engagements than their peers. When your workers are able to get in playful competitive mode, they are more driven to become actively engaged with the brand itself. As morale increases, your employees will pave the way towards becoming social media champions – and will rally for your