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3 Ways to Discover and Post Content Your Customers Want to Read

discover_contentIf you want to experience the epitome of self-centered, spammy social media, follow a company who only posts about its products or services. If you were told social media is the ideal place to post about your business and get attention from your target audience, then you were misled. Social media is the perfect place to post relevant content for your target audience to get positive attention for your brand.

The difference here is key.

If you are posting about the things you care about, then you will love your page and think it is valuable. But, you are not the target audience, are you? You have to figure out what the audience cares about and post about that. And, don’t lie to yourself – the audience doesn’t want their personal feed clogged with your newest promotional post. So, how do you dig down to find content that people really want to read and become the brand that people really want to follow?

Leverage Other’s Content

Copying what other’s have created or posted might seem like stealing, but keeping up with and staying ahead of your competitors is key. You need to see what your competitors are doing right and adjust it to your own brand. But, don’t stop there – look at companies in entirely different industries and see how they handle their social media accounts. You don’t want to become another brand entirely, but look at what works and what doesn’t.

If you still think this sounds suspect, you need to realize people have been doing this for centuries and calling it inspiration. If calling it inspiration makes you feel better (because it isn’t really an ethical problem), then go find brands that “inspire” you (and steal their content). But, let’s be very clear: never, ever plagiarize. Getting a formula, idea or angle is one thing – taking a phrase or article is something else entirely.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

You need to be listening to your audience if you ever hope to give them the kind of content they want. If you aren’t already on a platform to help you with social listening then you need to be – you need to know when people are talking about your brand, products or industry and see what they are saying. As you listen to the conversation, note what questions, frustrations and problems your audience has and solve them with supportive content.

As you outline some of your best customers and target audience members, you will want to build a profile that goes far beyond the generic customer persona. Use social media to help fill in the gaps. What kind of content is your audience posting when it comes to current events, celebrities, personal interests and evoking emotion? Let your profile take on the shape of an actual person who you want to interest and post content specifically for that person to help you avoid generic assumption content that bores everyone.

Whittle Down Your Newsfeed

Is there a way you can have hundreds or thousands of followers without seeing Norm’s cats or Hilda’s left over breakfast from yesterday? You bet. With a content curation solution, like EveryoneSocial, you can weed out the mundane and focus on the industry news.

While you may want to socially stalk some of your followers later to fill out those detailed personas, you don’t want to battle your newsfeed every day. With a social dashboard, you can utilize keywords to listen in to specific conversations and schedule posting so you publish at the right time for optimal engagement. Streamlining your newsfeed to provide the content curation helpful to your own profile is just one more thing EveryoneSocial does right. It’s a lot easier to be inspired when the right kind of content is pulsing through your newsfeed.

So, test these ideas with your audience and find what works for you. Remember, you don’t just want engagement (likes, comments, shares), you also want click-throughs and conversion. Look for ways to build a stronger brand that your followers and employees can really get behind.

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