Companies today are all about social media, and it’s no wonder. Social media has effectively taken over the planet – especially the youth! You can’t look anywhere without seeing smartphones and laptops scrolling through social media profiles. With billions of people active on various social media accounts and platforms, it is important to take the opportunity to reach your audience in an effective way.

1. Promote Events

The real-time nature of social media makes it an incredibly important tool for event marketing. Use your social media profiles to promote the before, during and after moments of your company events.

You can use Twitter to live-Tweet the events themselves with quotes, supportive links, videos and more. Instagram is a great place to upload images of behind-the-scenes work for your event to get your followers jazzed and looking forward to the event you are working so hard to put together. You can use very specified marketing on Facebook to target and re-target your ideal audience with sponsored ads. Companies can also use their profiles to answer any questions about their events or how to get signed up.

2. Get Employees on Board

Use your social media presence to get employees behind your company. While it might seem a bit nerve-wracking to have your employees linked to your company profile and posting on behalf of your brand, it actually provides responsibility to your employees that can transform them into advocates. Employees who are given the reigns are much more likely to realize how importantly this opportunity shines on their own career. Your employees are more likely to be professional, courteous and supportive when they are tied to their workplace through social media.

The right social media platform for your company will make it easy to share the professional content from your company or other reliable sources. Social media can be fast and effective for your employees — it doesn’t have to interfere with work or personal time.

3. Support Employees with Tangible Benefits

Through your employee advocacy program, your company now has the opportunity to advance employees. Help your employees build their professional profiles and advance their own careers. The more knowledgeable professionals you have working as a part of your team, the more people will trust your brand and others will want to join your brand. By putting your faith in your employees, you boost their love for your company and start forming brand advocates. You need brand advocates on your side who will fight for you and defend you, even when you can’t.

4. Evoke Audience Emotion

Finally, don’t leave your readers and followers down with lighthearted, non-committal posting. If you keep everything generic, your brand will feel generic and lose its value. Common emotions that you can play on might deal with greed, lust, joy, inspiration, disgust, fear, convenience and more. If you can elicit an emotional response from your readers, then they will be far more likely to engage and listen to your content.

Know your audience and what will really speak to them. Look for ways to elicit a response without being disingenuous. Different target audiences will handle the various emotions and messages in different ways, so make sure you know who you are reaching before you try to evoke emotions.