You know the posts and tweets your employees send out can do wonders for your marketing strategy. But did you know that employee advocacy has a powerful effect on other aspects of your business, too? It should come as no surprise that both client-facing and back-end components of your business thrive when a solid employee advocacy program is in place. Below are five great advocacy benefits that reach beyond simple marketing:

  1. It Builds Team Loyalty — Your employees will feel empowered when you put full trust in them to act on behalf of your business. When workers are given the purpose and trust of the brand, they will more likely be connected to the initiatives.  As more employees take on full ownership of their social media engagements, they will become more dedicated to your firm and your brand.
  1. You’ll Provide Meaningful Interaction — People put faith in their social networks because they know and trust the thoughts, ideas, and recommendations of their friends and peers. This is what makes the marketing strategy so potent. Beyond company promotion, social media is a way for customers to receive the same personal engagement they do in face-to-face interactions. As your employees flex this communication muscle, they will perfect the art of connecting with customers – and prospects – using the same positive and helpful persona that shines through in their regular communications.
  1. It Promotes Expert Thinking – In order to deliver successful posts and useful content, employees must become creative in the ways they consider their subject matter. In order to position their work in a new, positive light, they must provide compelling columns, articles, and other content that attracts attention and interest. Building a foundation of diverse voices encourages your team to become thought leaders in their own area of expertise.
  1. Company Goals Become Aligned – All too often, marketing and sales departments don’t communicate the way they should.  An employee advocacy program fosters different areas to come together in alignment, so that everyone in the company is on the same page and maintains connectivity. Your social media strategy will thrive as a result of this close interaction, and this communication will increase on the other end of the computer screen, too.
  1. Company Values Will Be Reinforced – As your employees step into the new territory of becoming brand ambassadors, they will need to incorporate the values of your company in order to be effective. Now is a great time to make sure everyone knows what it is your company stands for – and to embrace those ideals every single day.