Creating content can take a long time, so you may be looking for ways to make the publishing part less time consuming. As you work to share your content on social media, there are some tools that can make your job a lot easier. Here are our top five favorite ways to improve your work, while making your daily job a lot easier.

1. Content Calendar

While you will certainly have some posts that are time-sensitive and published immediately, there are plenty of posts that can be planned ahead of time to coordinate with holidays, business events, content publications and more. A content calendar can be used to help you order or create content months out, establishing a content timeline that aids in brainstorming, setting goals and making deadlines. You can simplify your job even further by using content production companies to write on the subjects you choose and publish the articles by the dates established on your content calendar.

2. Employee Advocacy Tool

It is easier for you to achieve engagement if your employees are also passing along company content. You can set up an employee advocacy tool, like EveryoneSocial, that makes it easy for employees to read and repost content from your company or other authoritative sources. Make social media a positive part of your employees’ personal professional development and give them a way to support your company. Getting employee support is the kind of word-of-mouth recommendation that has a big impact on your target audience.

3. Cross-Posting Tools

You can use certain publishing tools to help you monitor your posts across various platforms. You must be careful when cross-posting to consider context and platform posting etiquette. While hashtags are frequently used on Twitter and Instagram, they are far less popular on Pinterest and Facebook, appearing especially obnoxious if you post more than one. Cross-posting content can also appear a bit lazy if you are posting the same post across the boards and those redundant posts are read on more than one platform by your users. Instead, change up the message and format a bit for different platforms, changing the picture or CTA to fit better with the audience on that platform.

4. Social Listening Tools

Listening to your audience on social media is vital to pushing your company in the right marketing direction. Social listening tools can help you discover what people are saying about your brand, employees, products or industry. The more you listen to the public conversations, the more you will find ideas for content and be able to respond in a helpful, professional way. This can make content production and ideation much faster, allowing you to reach higher engagement goals with the kind of posts that address popular questions and concerns.

5. Visual Aid Tools

There are apps available that help you create graphics to go with your content. Most social media platforms see a much higher engagement rate for posts that contain graphics. Use tools, like Canva,, PicMonkey, and, for both your content and your social media posts. Since most users are visually driven, using pictures, charts and word graphics are a smart way to get more attention on just about any platform.

With the help of these great social media tools, you’ll be able to create engaging posts for every platform in a snap.