Employee engagement is very important. You want your employees to be interested in their jobs, and to feel as though they’re part of the team. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding how to engage employees, and quite a few “facts” that people think are true, even though they really aren’t. Here are six employee engagement myths that are being used as facts. Avoiding them can help you foster true engagement with your employees.

1). Your company can engage employees with an ideal working environment

You may be able to engage some employees with a working environment that they find to be close to ideal, but overall you’re not going to please everyone all the time. What might be an ideal environment for one employee could be a terrible environment for another one. Other things will have to keep employees engaged.

2). Employees will become engaged through team building

They might…but then again they might not. People are all different, and the same is true for jobs and working environments. The team building efforts that work for one company may do nothing for another company with a very different group of people. There’s nothing wrong with trying team building, but there’s no guarantee that your employees will become more engaged as a result of it.

3). Compensation is the main thing that drives employees

If they don’t have much money for basic needs, sure. Pay them more and they may be more driven. For employees who already have enough, though, compensating them more may not make their engagement any stronger. Find out what else matters to them, and consider offering them that instead of something more financial.

4). Keeping employees engaged is just a passing trend

Employee engagement isn’t a fad. It’s something that needs to continue for companies to be successful. The more easily employees can become – and stay – engaged with their job and company, the more they can help the company succeed while enjoying the work they do.

5). Employees don’t have to be engaged to do a good job

Yes, they really do. If they aren’t engaged with the company and the work they are doing, their job performance is going to suffer. The bottom line is that they have to care about what they’re doing, and without engagement they don’t care enough to make sure they’re giving their best to the company they work for.

6). You won’t feel overwhelmed if you’re engaged

You still will. People always do. Work can feel overwhelming, at least some of the time. It’s normal and expected. That doesn’t mean you can’t be engaged with the work you’re doing, though, or that you aren’t going to get anything good out of your time with the company. Take a breath, and get things done. Staying engaged can help you do that, and help you feel more relaxed.