Social media is not like traditional marketing where you’re directly sending marketing messages to your customers. Rather, social media is a way to build a brand and a reputation over time with a large and diverse audience, some of whom may never become your customers. That’s why it’s important to understand that social media is a powerful asset to a business precisely because of its inherently viral potential.

Here are the six things you need to know to get your audience to share your corporate social-media posts:

  1. Make your content unique and engaging — If you’re not writing something that your audience can’t get anywhere else, then your content will just fade into the background chatter of social media. You can become an expert in your specific business niche by offering up insightful information that your audience deems valuable. When your customers know and trust you and like what you have to say, they’re going to share your content with their friends.
  2. Use strong headlines and accessible prose — A good headline entices your readers to click on a link, and should contain enough information to gauge what it is they’re clicking on. Fill your headlines with action verbs and keywords. Beyond the headline, make sure your writing is accessible. Don’t use industry jargon or try to sound smart by explaining something in an unnecessarily complex way. You may instinctively gravitate toward communicating in the way that your industry peers communicate, but the fact is your social-media audience won’t take time to try to decipher something that isn’t written in plain, straightforward language.
  3. Offer up varied, multimedia content — Content can and should take many forms, from blog posts and white papers to slideshows and infographics and videos. Each platform offers a different way to present information, and as you test out these different platforms, you’ll get a sense of what mediums resonate with your audience. The key is to keep things fresh with a variety of media that will delight, surprise, entertain and educate your audience.
  4. Keep your pulse on the conversation — If you’re writing your content in a vacuum, you’re not positioning your content for maximum shares. It is so important to track your audiences’ chatter on social media, to pay attention to what’s trending and what’s getting your audience excited or frustrated or curious. When you can keep your pulse on the social-media conversation, you can tailor and adapt your content in ways that will feel fresh and appeal to the sensibilities and interests of your audience. Take special advantage of trending hashtags, which people will appreciate and be more likely to find and read.
  5. Track when your audience is most active — Use social media analytics to track when your audience is interacting with your content. Let’s say you find out that most of your audience is retweeting and “liking” your content on weekday mornings – if that’s the case, serve up your best stuff on weekday mornings. The goal is to cater to the days and times of day when the biggest portion of your audience is reading your content. A great way to do this is through the EveryoneSocial’s social media sharing platform. In addition to making your social media manager’s life easier by allowing them to approve both company and third-party content for sharing, it also provide valuable analytics and helps them keep track of trending articles and topics to provide your company with a social sharing edge.
  6. Create incentives for sharing — Like any audience, your social media audience loves giveaways and opportunities to earn something for nothing. There’s nothing wrong with incentivizing your audience to retweet and share your posts by giving them something back. Perhaps you could be entering them into a contest to win a small prize, or maybe you could be giving them a discount on one of your popular products or services.

Your social media goals should extend so much further than just writing great content. In fact, if you’re not proactively doing everything you can to get your content to go viral, you may as well not invest time and money into having a social media presence at all.

Fortunately, the formula for getting your content to go viral on social media is simple: Knock your content out of the park with well-written and engaging prose, keep close tabs on your audiences’ habits and conversations, and incentivize your audience to share, share, share. EveryoneSocial’s social media sharing platform helps you maximize your social media potential on all of these fronts. To see how our platform can benefit your organization please schedule a demo today.