Social media is a boon to marketers who use content to promote. Social shares can significantly increase your traffic and expose you to readers who would otherwise have never found your blog. Want to make your posts ultra-sharable? Remember these quick tips:

1. Use Sharing Buttons.

Make sure that sharing buttons show up at the bottom of every post. You can find a number of free plug-ins to create attractive buttons so that readers can instantly post to Facebook, Twitter or another favorite social network. Look for ones that allow readers to easily add their own comments so that they can control how your post shows up in their social feeds.

2. Write with the Reader in Mind.

If you just post company news, you’ll have a hard time engaging readers. Instead, when you sit down to write a post, think about what you would want to see on the site if you were a surfer. Provide relevant advice that a surfer would find useful enough to share with her network. For instance, a vacation company could post a list of 10 must-haves for a beach vacation; a pediatrician could post the 5 signs that your child suffers from seasonal allergies.

3. Curate Great Content.

You don’t need to break out original material every time you make a post. Some of the most popular blog posts round up great content created by others in your industry. Use tools like Everyone Social to showcase the top thought leadership in your industry and keep your colleagues informed.

4. Use Images.

Blog posts that include images are 94% more likely to be shared than those that don’t. Pictures of people are especially effective. No image budget? Look for pictures on free stock image sites like Pixabay and

5. Ask a Question.

Often, when people head to search engines, they have a specific question that they want answered. Think about questions that prospects, customers and colleagues often ask you and answer them with blog posts. Readers who have their curiosity sated are likely to pass your content along to friends and family.

6. Surprise Readers.

The web is choked with posts that contain the usual, expected advice and viewpoints. Where do you tend to differ in your points of view? For instance, if you are a marketer who feels that people who use social networking for business are wasting valuable time, write about it. Anytime you can provide a fresh point of view or an unconventional solution to a common problem, you are providing content that is more likely to be shared. People feel clever when they learn something new and they’re usually eager to share the wealth.

Not every blog post is going to go viral. And, sometimes the ones you least suspect are the ones that take off. But, by remembering the key advice above, you can get readers more engaged, increase your shares, and significantly improve your blog’s traffic.