When you become indispensable as an employee, your worth to the company grows. By improving your own skills, you will become a valuable asset to your company. But if your company doesn’t offer formal training or development opportunities, that doesn’t have to stunt your growth. There are many things you can do on your own to continue learning and growing in your chosen field. If you want to start growing in your company, you can start to establish yourself as an industry thought leader and brand advocate, adding value to your company through your personal social media efforts. In addition to becoming a thought leader, here are a few more ways to use social media to become indispensable to your company.

Becoming a Thought Leader

A common misconception among many employees is that thought leaders have to be CEOs, business owners, or successful entrepreneurs. But they don’t. If you have professional value to add, then you can be a thought leader, too. Becoming a thought leader can be easier than you think when you:

  •          Post regularly
  •          Post accurately
  •          Keep it short and simple
  •          Keep your audience wanting more
  •          Post on diverse topics to keep interest levels high
  •          Use graphics
  •          Curate content from other professionals

Boosting Company Morale

You can participate in a positive, collaborative culture with your peers when you are active on social media. Look for coworkers you can add to your profiles and connect with on your professional page. While you may feel trepidation for combining your personal and work life, the blend may not be as difficult as you think. Your social media profiles should always be professional, since unprofessional content can hurt you in your attempt for master’s programs, future jobs and more.

Promoting Your Profile

If your profile is already professional and thoughtfully guarded, then adding coworkers and becoming an industry thought leader is not an invasive step. You can also create a professional page or profile if you prefer to focus on your industry content alone, though this may make it more difficult to grow your follower base at first. If you are dedicated to growing your reach and becoming an industry thought leader, you should pay to promote your profile to reach new viewers who are interested in the kinds of content you post.

Thinking Long-Term

Becoming a brand advocate and industry leader goes beyond your immediate job position. For example, your company may start offering you new and exciting projects because you are viewed as an expert in your field on social media. Additionally, you may find it easier to get a job in the future if you have a back history of being an industry professional with a personal brand established.