From Superman to Green Arrow, superheroes are born from an age-old formula—or, at least, from a formula that’s been around as long as the concepts of storyboards and comic books. The superhero formula is:

Facing enormous odds
Being forced to make choices and ultimately making the right choices
Developing or discovering extraordinary skills
Becoming a superhero

By following in superhero formula footsteps, but substituting vigilante justice for online marketing, you can become a social selling superhero.


You against the Internet

Superheroes face enormous odds. Daredevil is pitted against an entire city of criminals and corrupt leaders—and he fights them blind. As someone attempting to market products, services, or brands online, you are pitted against the entire Internet. You battle competitors for consumer attention, but you also battle entertainment sites and other users on social media. Just as Matt Murdock (Daredevil) is gifted with a special kind of sight, you are gifted with data and other tools that help you face the overwhelming odds inherent in online marketing.

Making Good Social Selling Choices

The only thing separating superheroes from super villains is the choices they make. Superheroes make mistakes, but at the end of the story, they always decide to do what is right. As a social seller, what separates you from online villains such as spammers is the choices you make.

Create Trust

Successful sellers make choices that promote consumer trust. When people trust you, your brand, or your voice, they are more likely to read your content, click on your links, and purchase your products or services. Without trust, you’ll find yourself facing a lot of closed doors. Build trust Captain America style by being honest, transparent, and integrating relatable values into your marketing campaigns.

Build Relationships

Don’t stop at trust: build key relationships with the right partners. How would Batman get the inside scoop on crimes without Commissioner Gordon? Without someone to shine the bat signal, Bruce Wayne would never know when to suit up and would always be too late to catch the villain. Partnering with other businesses and platforms helps you reach your audience in a timely, cost-effective manner. And don’t forget that you can partner with customers too—an engaged customer can be your loudest bull horn. Look at what Lois Lane’s newspaper writing did for Superman’s image!

Developing Social Selling Skills

To beat the competition, develop enhanced social selling skills. Work on incorporating data into your decision process, try different campaigns across different platforms, and use intelligent content to reach your audience.

Use the Right Tools

Tools are essential to becoming a social selling superhero. Batman is just a rich guy in a nice suit without tools that let him fight harder and drive faster than the enemy. Sure, Batman is smart—but he couples his wits with technology to get the job done. As a social seller, be willing to investigate any new technology, online resource, mobile app, or social platform that might help you market harder and faster than the competition.

Build Your Muscles

Practice makes perfect, whether you’re a superhero or a social seller. Oliver Queen couldn’t lead his secret life as the Green Arrow without working out on a regular basis—he’s not Superman, and mortal men can’t scale skyscrapers without a good bit of muscle. Hal Jordan didn’t master the Green Lantern powers in a single day, and you won’t master social selling the first time you type a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Becoming a social selling superhero takes time, commitment, and a desire to bring good things to your audience. In this case, good things might be information, entertainment, and products that make lives easier. Apply the superhero formula to your online marketing efforts, and soon, you’ll be able to leap social selling goals in a single bound.