Social media marketing continues to be arguably the most effective way of engaging directly with your customers or audience. While advertising and search engine marketing are certainly effective ways of reaching out to a target audience, they simply cannot compare to the personalization that a strong social media marketing campaign is capable of.

One of the fundamental keys to success in social media marketing is consistency — doing the right thing once or twice won’t translate to success. Instead, social media marketers should develop strong habits that they do every day. Social media marketing isn’t about getting that one “viral” post (although those are certainly helpful and welcome), but about gradually building a following that knows they are valued and appreciated.

The following are three things that social media marketers should be doing every day:

Know who your audience is, and engage with them in a meaningful way

It’s important to know who your audience is, and the types of content they will find most interesting and meaningful. There is no sole right way to do this, but one key is to make sure that you are constantly engaging your audience directly, and asking for feedback anything and everything that might be relevant to your brand.

Create a posting/publishing schedule, and stick to it

Some days, it seems like there are a thousand different posts you could publish, and other days it might feel like there is nothing worth posting. One one hand, it’s important not to inundate your followers with too much content — even if it’s high-quality content — while on the other hand you don’t want your account to go dormant unexpectedly, as this leads to missed engagement or promotion opportunities. Instead, you should try to always stick to a regular publishing schedule. Not only does this give your followers a sense of what and when to expect social media content, but it also helps regulate periods in which you have lots of great content, which can be saved and utilized at times that there is a lack of new high-quality content to publish.

Answer customer questions and deal with problems publicly

Customers will often reach out to brands on social media, sometimes with a positive message, but often out of frustration about a negative experience. Under no circumstances should you try to sweep negative social media posts under the rug. Not only do these types of issues have a tendency to fester and grow, but they actually are a great opportunity to prove how much your company cares about their customers.

These are just a few of the ways that social media marketers can produce better results. It’s worthwhile to keep a log of your company’s social media activities, and make adjustments as necessary to improve the overall effectiveness of the ongoing social media campaign.