You can talk until you’re blue in the face about your company, but it won’t have the same effect as when your employees speak up. Your team members are a powerful instrument in brand promotion, and may be eager to embrace the idea of becoming ambassadors.

If you establish the type of business that empowers employees to come up with their own ideas and run with them, these creative and ambitions team members will already want to rep your brand. Reward this behavior, and let the positive feedback loop continue! Even more than cash incentives, recognition is a terrific motivator. If an employee has done an outstanding job, mention it during a company meeting. Offer rewards or perks, like invitations to conferences, that really let your workers feel like part of the team. These types of encouragement are key to stirring up genuine motivation among employees, keeping positive energy flowing, both at work and in personal interactions through social media sites.

Advocating on social media helps establish your employees as thought leaders. They can use their social media posts as supplements to their resume, showing individuals outside their company that they truly are an expert on the industry.

Here’s another reason employees might be willing to advocate for you: it’s a fun, easy responsibility to add to their chore list. Chances are, your employees want to talk about your brand. If they have a spare moment at work, they could be happy to spend that time bragging about the elements of their job that bring them pride. When implemented correctly, a brand advocacy program ensures employees know what is expected of them when promoting your business on social media, making it even easier in the process.