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Your Social Selling Starter Kit


Let’s face it: cold emails and calls are today’s sales equivalent of using a sledge hammer to fix a computer. Not only are they outmoded, they simply don't work. Today’s buyers are flooded with random, often irrelevant, pushy requests all the time. Prospects get annoyed, sales reps get frustrated, opportunities fall through the cracks, and numbers aren’t hit. Everybody loses.

Take your demand gen and growth hats off for a second to think about this concept from
the perspective of your customer: when you’re considering doing business with a new company, you want to focus on learning and building relationships. You want to learn about new things, engage in compelling conversations, and set you and your company up for success. You want make
sure that there’s fit and alignment along your culture and values.

That’s where social selling enters the picture. So what exactly is social selling, what does a successful strategy look like, and how can an investment in this type of process help your company? That’s the 7-to-9 figure question (and our inspiration for writing this guide). Click the image below to download a copy for yourself.


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