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Employee Advocacy Made Simple, Engaging & Fun

Optimized for Humans, Built for Teams

Teach your content discovery, curation, and sharing workflows some new tricks with our software. Here’s a sneak peak under the hood.

We take UX and design seriously

Nobody wants a clunky tool. We use engagement data from thousands of users to keep our UX fresh and effective.

A Smarter Way to Discover Great Content

Our industry-leading content curation system analyzes reading and sharing patterns to recommend content that employees want to see (and share).

Employee Advocacy Mobile

Internal Collaboration at Its Finest

Tag coworkers in content-related conversations, and share bite-sized inspiration. Build closer knit teams as a result.

Mobile first

Fuel engagement on any device, anywhere. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android are powerful and easy to use.

  • hear it from an expert

    Here at Ciena, we’re conservative about social, but we recognize its importance to our marketing and sales strategy. Years ago, we launched a social strategy on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but we found that our employees needed more structure to succeed. As a team of one, I went out looking for the right advocacy and engagement tool. We spent some time using another platform but quickly outgrew the functionality that was available. We embarked on a search that led us to EveryoneSocial: it was the flexibility of the tool, the visual nature of the dashboard, and emphasis on individual employees that initially hooked us (and keeps us on board today). The best part? The tool fits into our existing workflows and adds significant credibility to our efforts in social. Even leaders who have been doing sales and marketing for 20+ years are deriving value. We’re fundamentally changing our corporate culture to bring more value to our customers and employees—EveryoneSocial has played a major role in that process

    Bo Gowan

    Social Media Leader at Ciena

  • hear it from an expert

    We have more than 100,000 dedicated and fantastic employees who love working for Dell. EveryoneSocial has allowed us to harness that energy for our business. It’s an easy place for our socially engaged team members to find fantastic content to share—it’s always fresh and updated every day. Not to mention, the tool takes the pain out of scheduling logistics. It’s easy for employees to fill up their personal streams, and we’ve generated high engagement with the program with sales and marketing as a result. I’ve been blown away with the level of customer service that we’ve received—EveryoneSocial has been highly attentive to our needs as a budding social business and consistently works with us to implement tweaks to our tool. They’ve been understanding, always check in, and keep looking for ways to go above and beyond. I’ve been so incredibly impressed with the level of customer service and would recommend this platform to anyone. It’s rare to find a platform with such a strong UX, that’s so well suited for what it does. It’s helped us become the social business that we are today.

    Jill Bell

    Social Media and Communities Program Manager at Dell

Beyond sharing

Great content and enterprise-ready workflows are only part of EveryoneSocial’s UX. Our software comes with all the tools you need to make your business more social. Monitor results, and keep employees in-the-know. Spend less time on administration and more time sparking conversations and building visibility on social media.

Analytics that Drive Performance

Track, measure, and visualize your most important employee advocacy metrics.

No More Compliance Headaches

Keep your employees looped into your corporate communications policy.

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