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What is employee advocacy?

New to Employee Advocacy?

The idea behind employee advocacy is simple: empower your employees to become influencers on social media, and the resulting value will trickle back to your organization in the form of stronger sales and marketing performance, higher employee morale, and more connected teams.
Your Team Is the Heart and Soul of Business

Employee advocacy =

Your workforce + Word-of-mouth

Your team is the heart and soul of your business. You've gone the extra mile to attract great people who are proud to talk about their work. Employee advocacy lets companies harness that energy into something more—a new type of influence and engagement engine that transforms raw passion and everyday enthusiasm into a structured form of brand-building.

hear it from an expert

We have some really dedicated, engaged employees who love working for Dell. EveryoneSocial gives us a platform to harness than energy and to position our workforce as leaders in the community. It creates an upward spiral where they’re posting great content, getting more followers, and driving more visibility back to the business. It’s a win-win that makes our employees happy while making our company happy too.

Jill Bell

Social media and communities program manager, Dell

it’s about

Harnessing energy that’s already there

Employee advocacy isn’t about self-promotion, marketing or even advertising. It’s about community-building, building trust, and forging meaningful connections with the people you do business with.
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It’s not something that we force on employees. You’re not going to get the right behavior if you’re forcing social media engagement. Employees engage as much as they want to engage – from the heart.

Jeff wESTover

VP and GM, WFO Software at Hewlett Packard

EveryoneSocial’s Role

Employee advocacy touches all facets of an organization from marketing and sales, to HR and even engineering, with team members feeling empowered, engaged, and more connected as influencers in the outside world.

It’s a big vision that needs the right tools, management policies, and team education to come to life. EveryoneSocial provides the processes, infrastructure, and support to help companies launch successful employee advocacy programs.


EveryoneSocial helps our team incorporate social into their everyday routines and jobs. It supports employees to do more of what they’re already doing – saving us time, automating tasks, and making our social media programs a lot simpler as a result.

Michelle Wallace

Product Marketing Coordinator at Tableau Software

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