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The #1 employee engagement platform used by top brands in the retail, high-tech, software, finance and CPG industries

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EveryoneSocial Employee Advocacy Platform

Employees Share 38x More Company Content When Using Our Platform

Employees want to spread company messages. An internal survey of 6000 employees using EveryoneSocial found a sharing lift of 38x when employees were using our platform.

What You Can Expect Working With Us

  • Increased employee engagement that is achieved with a simple and easy-to-use platform.
  • Employees building their personal brands which results in posts from them being viewed as authoritative.
  • Reduced friction when asking employees to share company content.
  • Ongoing support and personalized training from our team to ensure your success.

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  • You'll get a friendly introduction and quick walkthrough of our award-winning content management platform.
  • Discover how our simple admin interface makes program management easy and time efficient.
  • See how our leading solution protects your brand from untimely or embarassing posts, enabling your team to thrive on the platform.
  • Understand why your employees will love using our platform on the web or mobile to promote your company while building their personal brand.

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Industry Leaders Are Using Our Employee Advocacy Platform

Sabre Employee Advocacy
Dell Employee Advocacy
Citrix Employee Advocacy
United Way Employee Advocacy
HP Employee Advocacy
Ciena Employee Advocacy
Kelly Employee Advoacy
General Mills Employee Advocacy
CenturyLink Employee Advocacy
Genesys Employee Advocacy
Tableau Employee Advocacy
SAP Employee Advocacy

See How Employees Have Changed Social Media in 2015


2015 was an important year for employee advocacy programs. Not only are more brands (in our case, primarily B2B brands) putting them in place, but they're performing even better. This datasheet highlights key findings from across our customer and user base. Some of what's included:

  • EveryoneSocial users now span 62 countries and share content in 57 different languages 
  • Average network size per employee has increased 191% 
  • Engagements (likes, comments, etc.) have grown 21% month-over-month
  • Every month in 2015, employees shared on average 12% more content than the month before 

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