Every company works hard to boost their business in a stable way. Your social media marketing efforts are important to improving your reach on a popular platform, but there is more you could be doing. Brand advocacy from employees is an often overlooked way to do just that. Here are 17 reasons you should use employee advocacy to increase your business.

  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Probably the biggest appeal to employee advocacy is the type of marketing you achieve. Employee advocacy means people are personally supporting and promoting your brand to other people they know. This has been shown to be a very effective way to get new leads to trust your brand and turn to you for things they need.

  1. Engaged Employees

Have you ever called a company’s customer support line and realized the employee on the other end just wasn’t really into the service? Well, if your employees aren’t engaged, they can actually be detrimental to your business. Engaged employees are more passionate and productive, giving a big boost to your business. Currently, less than one third of employees are actively engaged in the workplace, according to Gallup and Dale Carnegie Training, meaning that many companies are missing out on a big opportunity to improve their efforts. Getting your employees to participate as public brand advocates is a great way to get your employees more plugged in when they are in the workplace.

  1. Employee Development

Your employees will find they learn and grow as they share aspects of their professional trade. By sharing company and industry content, your employees are able to further their own knowledge. This means your company is essentially offering professional development opportunities for your employees just by writing the material they will want to read and share with their own circles.

  1. Personal Branding

Your employees will have the opportunity to develop their own personal brand as the professionals they are. This, in turn, helps your brand become stronger. If you are known for having helpful and knowledgeable employees, then you become a more trusted and appreciated brand.

  1. In-Depth Branding

As you increase the number of brand-carriers through employees posting in support of the company, you create a better brand spectrum. Your brand becomes a multi-faceted thing that takes on a life of its own. The fleshing out of your brand creates a company image that is real. Just look at what Google employees have done for the image of the company as they support a highly desirable environment and professional benefits.

  1. Trending Strategies

Social media is the fad of the day, but it won’t be gone any time soon. Tap into the platforms where everyone is sharing and accessing information. Avoiding social media doesn’t mean your company won’t be mentioned. Realize social media can be a powerful tool and create an approach that empowers your employees to post on your behalf rather than behind your back.

  1. Increased Reach

As employees post, you will find that each advocate reaches hundreds of leads your corporate profile doesn’t currently have following it. If your company has dozens or hundreds of employees, you could be reaching thousands of people you wouldn’t otherwise reach. You spend money on advertising to get your brand out in front of new eyes, so make sure you are also spending time and effort on programs that will increase your reach through your employees.

  1. Larger Presence

Increased reach means your brand has an overall larger presence. You will benefit from word-of-mouth marketing that passes on to third- and fourth-party ears. When a friend of an employee advocate knows someone looking for the product or service you offer, they will be far more likely to remember your brand and direct the lead to your employee for more information.

  1. Personalized Branding

As employees reach out to those they know and respond to comments to support your brand, the branding efforts become personalized. Your brand becomes what the customer needs – which is exactly how you boost business. You are already trying to market in an effective way, let your employees apply your brand to real-life situations.

  1. Different Angles

This means your marketing efforts will take on different angles and different voices that support your cause. Rather than hire one professional to come up with taglines, you will suddenly have many. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a brand voice, but that you should encourage your employees to bring their own voice to the table.

  1. Brand Recognition

Just like with advertising, the more times your brand is mentioned, the more memorable it becomes. Let your employees improve your brand name recognition by increasing the number of times it appears before your audience. You can even support this with re-targeting ad efforts to reach audiences connected with your employees.

  1. Increased Traffic

Of course, with every new link and content share, you will see increased traffic. If you continue to create valuable content that is worth sharing, your new leads will be more likely to engage with your brand themselves. More traffic means more opportunity to move the lead from the initial stage of the sales funnel towards conversion.

  1. Employee Collaboration and Feedback

As employees are engaged, they will help improve your business by providing feedback. Engaged employees that are empowered to participate are the kind of employees that push a company to new levels with collaboration. Make sure your policies are supporting the kind of ideation and innovation that employee advocates can really get behind and you will only see your advocates become more vocal in their support.

  1. Talent Pool Appeal

A company that has many employees all talking about the value of their workplace is the kind of company that has a much easier time getting new talent to apply and accept open positions. Since small businesses often struggle to offer the kind of prestige and upward movement that larger companies offer, they often benefit most from this kind of advertising to potential talent leads. Better talent and new hires means better business results.

  1. Discovering Connections

You might not even realize the connections that you will encounter because of employee advocacy. There may be community connections, professors from alma maters and relatives who own businesses that could support your own in the crowds of people who are connected to your employee profiles.

  1. Happier Employees

You strive for moral boosts in the workplace, and employee advocacy can help provide the connections and engagement that improves the workplace atmosphere. As your employees become part of a team, they are more likely to appreciate their opportunities and the company that is worth supporting.

  1. Happier Customers

Finally, if your employees are happier and your business is more visible, then your customers will be happier. In the end, the fastest way to boost business is through happy customers. With happier customers, you just might be ready to move on to making brand advocates out of them as well.

Are you ready to get your employees on board?