Let’s face it: your employees are probably a lot better at social media than you are. With their long line of followers from years of building their social circles, they have a majority of an untapped population at rapt attention.

As you struggle to find new followers and engage in a new population, you might have come to the conclusion that your team has already done all the heavy lifting. Why not use that to the company’s advantage? When done properly, you can leverage your employee’s individual expertise and social media followers to reinforce your own brand with much better results than self-promotion. With a host of tech-savvy and company experts on board, you can look forward to more diverse posts, tweets, and status updates than your social media team could have ever achieved alone.

However, this sort of success doesn’t happen just by handing over the company microphone to all your employees. In fact, VPs would probably be nervous about sending out their social media passwords to the whole team, and rightfully so. A social media game plan must be carefully constructed in order to get everyone working cohesively towards the same objective—without concerns about that one errant worker who might misspeak about your company’s services.

While this process might take a bit of strategizing on your part, the EveryoneSocial platform can help unite your separate teams to get them on the same page when delivering your social media plan. You can manage your employees by assigning them to groups, receive information about their activity and, perhaps most importantly, put permissions in place so all content is approved by you before it’s announced to the world.

Finally, the analytics EveryoneSocial provides will let you know if you’re on target or not. We can help you pinpoint the content that gets the most recognition and find out exactly where it’s being shared so you can maximize on your leads. Plus, your company’s visibility is certain to improve. Consider this: The EveryoneSocial platform motivates employees to share more things from their company 38 times over! Reach of that kind is bound to be staggering.

The best part is, both you and your employees will reap the benefits of staying on task. Your workers will have a stage to promote their blogs and other content, and automatically generated leader boards sent out by EveryoneSocial will incite a healthy amount of competition among your employees.